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The creation of Paul's Lock and Keys was nothing short of fate. If you asked Paul to tell you the story he would tell you it was God's provision in his life. It all started when Paul was moving safes in college. He learned different elements of locksmithing while in college, and eventually got a job one summer as a maintenance director working at a youth camp with a poorly built locking system. Through partnering with a local locksmith, Paul was able to redesign the entire system with his first master key system.

As much as he enjoyed that work, being a locksmith wasn't on his radar for a career. He took a job as a firefighter and spent a few years in that realm. Unfortunately, both of Paul's parents were diagnosed with cancer and he quit his job so that he could stay with them and provide the care they needed. One thing Paul did while he was staying with his parents was driving a Catholic priest around town to visit members of the church who were sick. Although he normally stayed in the car for these visits, one day the priest invited Paul inside to meet one of the men he was visiting. The man was a locksmith, which instantly sparked a positive relationship due to Paul's years of master keying experience. The locksmith wrote Paul's information down on a card in case he ever needed his help.

Sadly, the man passed away a few years later. When the man's wife was cleaning out his wallet, that card with Paul's information from all those years ago fell out of the wallet, and landed with Paul's name and phone number face up. She gave Paul a call and asked if he wanted to take over her husband's locksmith business. Now Paul is proudly providing top notch service and keeping that legacy alive!

Dedicated to providing fast, reliable services

Dedicated to providing fast, reliable services

Paul's Lock and Keys goes above and beyond to always provide rapid, reliable services at competitive prices. Dependability and loyalty are in Paul's blood. These values can be seen through his many years of firefighting experience and willingness to put that career behind him to help his parents in their battle with cancer.

Whether you need emergency lockout services or you need new keys for your commercial building, you can count on us to treat you with respect and provide the quality locksmith services you deserve. We are proud to offer all kinds of mobile locksmith services to residential and commercial clients.